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Festool - TCL3 Battery Charger


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Replacement battery charger for use with all slide-on Festool NiCD, NiMH and Li-ion batteries. Charger features intelligent monitoring eletronics that protect the batteries from being overcharged or charged in hazardous conditions.

Not compatible with batteries from the CXS series cordless drills.


• Charger reduces pulse at the end of charge cycle to avoid heat and extend service life of battery

• Smart charger maximizes the usable energy at each charge

• Smart charger reduces the charge time

• Smart charger maximizes the number of charge cycles

• Replacement charger for cordless drills C 12, TDK 12, T 12+3, C 15, TDK 15.6, T 15+3, TI 15, C 18, T 18+3, BHC 18, PS(B)C 400/420, HKC 55, TSC 55, DRC 18/4, PDC 18/4, DWC 18-2500 und DWC 18-4500

Charger for NiCd, NiMH and Li-ion battery packs

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