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Introducing the Koch Sharpening System by Kurt Koch Gmbh of Germany, produced for the first time in 110V/60HZ for the U.S. Market. The Koch System changes everything about sharpening carving tools because it’s simple to use and unbelievably fast.

System is comprised of a 1,350 RPM Soga® motor, 4 special composite wheels (2 hard – red and blue for grinding and 2 soft – yellow and green for honing), and two specially formulated abrasive pastes – green for grinding and blue for honing. This unique combination of grinding pastes and wheels is where the sharpening magic happens.

Hard wheels use the green paste, with one wheel being dedicated to curved tools and the other for straight tools. All preliminary grinding/sharpening is done on these wheels. Do not fear overheating your tools while grinding, because the special green compound and wheel keep your tool cool. The soft wheels are used with blue paste, with one wheel being dedicated to curved tools and one to straight tools. Here a light touch is all that is required to hone and polish the tool. The wheels will occasionally require truing or dressing, which is accomplished with a medium-grit sandpaper and a wood block.

The Koch System is designed for very safe and easy use. The motor and wheels rotate away from the user, and the wheels are charged with paste as needed and generate no sparks in the process of sharpening. We do recommend a backer board – in the act of charging the wheel, excess paste can be “thrown” back against the board. This paste can be collected and reused.

Our experience with this system is unlike sharpening with any other system we’ve used. Using the system to maintain bevels and honing the edges is easy – almost impossible to mess up and so much faster than we thought possible. A quick demo of its performance involves dragging a small gouge across a cinderblock to create a “hammer,” and then returning it to a cutting gouge in minutes without using any aids or any extensive setup. You are literally back to carving in minutes.

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