View a Larger Image of FUJITORA 160mm 37 Layer Damascus Nakiri
View a Larger Image of FUJITORA 160mm 37 Layer Damascus Nakiri
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  • View a Different Image of FUJITORA 160mm 37 Layer Damascus Nakiri
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Fujitora - FUJITORA 160mm 37 Layer Damascus Nakiri

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The Fujitora Nakiri is a double-edged vegetable chopping knife derived from the traditional Japanese Usuba. It is the perfect knife for Japanese cuisine that stresses the importance and beauty of prepared seasonal vegetables. The design of the thin Usuba blade, which is very sharp with an easily maintained edge, is for slicing or chopping vegetables without crushing or bruising the cell walls, so the flavor and beauty of vegetables are preserved. The Fujitora Nakiri features a 160mm (6.29"), 37-layer Damascus style blade with a cobalt base alloy steel core and 36 outer layers of alternating soft and hard steels that create beautiful patterns, no two the same. Handle is laminated. Knife weighs approximately 7 oz.

About Fujitora Knives.
Fujitora Knives are made by the same company that produces world famous Tojiro knives, but you may not have heard about them because they are made for the Japanese domestic restaurant and professional market and are not generally exported for retail. As such, we feel honored to be able to offer these extraordinary knives to our customers.

Fujitora and Tojiro knives come from a culture long influenced by a feudal society in which the producers of goods in each area presented their best goods to a sovereign of the prefecture. The craftsmanship necessary to produce these goods was passed down from generation to generation with an emphasis on not only making the best but refining the best until it was better than before. The Fujitora factory is located in the Tsubame-Sanjyo area in Niigata prefecture – an area long known for producing cutting tools, from swords to woodworking and knives. The passion to constantly innovate in order to produce the best is alive today at Fujitora, not for presentation to a shogun but to offer consumers the best goods possible. Fujitora Knives reflect the pride, passion and extraordinary craftsmanship of generations from the past into the present.

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