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Totally Bamboo - Bamboo 12" Flat Skewers 50pc



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The unique design of these Bamboo Flat Skewers from Totally Bamboo prevents meats, fruit and vegetables from spinning on the skewer. A rectangular cross section provides rigidity, and sharp points make piercing easy. The 1/4" x 12" skewers feature a natural green color from the bamboo skin on one side and blonde wood grain on the opposite side.

Do not wash in dishwasher. We recommend washing with a mild detergent in warm water and periodically wiping with camellia oil to bring out the Bamboo’s beautiful grain.

Bamboo is actually a grass that grows to a harvestable height of 60' in about three to five years, growing as much as two feet per day. It has an extensive root system that continually sends up new shoots, naturally replenishing it. It does not require replanting, making it one of the most renewable resources known. The species Totally Bamboo uses, “Moso” Timber Bamboo, is not a food source or a habitat for the Giant Panda.

Bamboo holds the promise of a sustainable, cost-effective and ecologically responsible alternative to the widespread clear cutting of our world’s precious timberland.

The Color of Bamboo. Totally Bamboo offers Bamboo in two colors: light, which is the natural color of the Bamboo, and dark, which is a honey color. The dark color is achieved by steaming the Bamboo to bring out the natural sugars and caramelize it. This color is permanent and will not fade or wash out.

The Grain of Bamboo. There are three types: vertical, flat and end grain. Vertical grain, approximately 1/4" wide, is taken from the side of the split pole. Flat grain, approximately 5/8" wide, is from the face of the pole. End grain is the cross section of the pole.

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