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Item 156927
Model 137/KMK1-21

7/8" Woodworking Knife w/Kamaji Jigane - Shuzon



Ships on April 12, 2019

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Our 7/8˝ Kamaji Woodworking Knife is hand forged by master blacksmith and blade maker Ikeuchi to the same tough standards as the best quality plane irons. High carbon Hitachi "white steel" is forge welded to Kamaji (wrought iron made prior to 1883). Like a fine sword, each blade is coated with a clay mixture prior to heat treatment to adjust the temper (Rockwell c65°) to be extra hard at the edge and softer in the body of the blade. Our Kamaji knives will take the sharpest, longest lasting edge possible. This woodworking knife is excellent for layout and other wood cutting work. Its size is 7/8˝ x 7˝ and is sent with instructions for care and use.

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