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Item 157018
Model N-365

7-5/8" Gold Label Professional Hedge Shear



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Karikichi Hedge Shears are the finest available. The design of the blade and curve of the cutting edge allows the top of the blades to cut leaves and the bottom to cut branches. The blades taper to a sharp point which enables precise cutting in narrow, tight areas. The blades are carefully hand forged from high carbon tool steel. For increased strength, they are differentially tempered with a soft back and a hard cutting edge. The edge is fully polished for clean cuts and long lasting life. The mirror polish also helps prevent sap and pitch buildup on the blade. To adjust for eventual wear, the pivot screw can be tightened. A keeper prevents the pivot screw from loosening. The handles are made from tough Kashi (Japanese White Oak). A vinyl cover protects the blade during storage. Instructions for care are included. Blade length: 8". Overall length: 28-1/2".

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