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6" Slicing Knife - Damascus



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Our Damascus Pattern Small Slicing Knife is made by a unique process developed by ta master blade maker. Construction of the blade begins with bundles of special alloy stainless steel wire which are repeatedly folded together and forge welded by hand. This time consuming process creates a Jigane (the outside layers of the blade) with a beautiful Damascus pattern. The maker than begins preparation of the Hagane (the middle layer of the blade) by hand forging high carbon steel, alloyed with cobalt. The basic construction of the blade is competed by forge welding the Hagane between two layers of Jigane. Following in the best tradition of knife making, a steel ferrule is forge welded to the tang to ensure that food particles can not become lodged between the tang and the handle. The handle, made from multiple layers of wood impregnated with resin, is riveted to the full length tang and will last a lifetime. The blade is fully honed to a razor edge. Blade length: 6˝; overall length: 10˝.


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