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Item 490178

Festool - 5pcs HS75/2.5bi Jig Saw Blades for PS2 Jig Saw


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This Festool Jigsaw Blade has HS bimetal which provides long service and high cutting capacity. Best used for soft plastics, acrylic, Plexiglas®, composite materials and iron steel. Most pendulum jigsaws experience problems with precise saw blade guidance. However, when using Festool Jigsaw Blades, parallel-adjustable carbide-tipped jaws perform a three-way guidance to ensure precise perpendicularity to the table at all times. The result? A precise perpendicular cut at every stage and with a multitude of materials. You'll get the most time-efficient finishing work without re-cutting and sanding.
• Blade Length: 3"
• Tooth Pitch : 2.5 mm
• Max. Material thickness : 2.2"
• Pack of 5

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