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Festool - Festool 5" Extra Soft Sanding Pad for ES 125


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Festool Extra Soft Sanding Pad - 5" diameter, for use with Festool Sander ES 125.

With the patented Jetstream system, air flowing out through an additional hole in the center of the sanding pad prevents a vacuum from forming between the abrasive and the workpiece. This significantly improves dust extraction, the sanding dust can be removed unhindered, and the abrasive is used more evenly. Even with fine grits, the Jetstream effect gives up to 30% longer service life of the abrasive.

The Stickfix system works on the hook-and-loop principle. Mushroom shaped hooks on sanding pads and hard wearing velvet fabric on the abrasive material form a secure, non-slip bond which can still be easily released when desired. Simply lay StickFix abrasives in place, and you're ready to work!

Only Festool offers you sanding pads of hard wearing MPE. Compared to cold molded foams, MPE (microcellular polyurethane elastomer) has five times the tear resistance – and thus lasts up to five times longer. This means less wear and lower costs. Furthermore, MPE is produced without CFC’s which damage the ozone layer. Festool offers a complete solution for faster sanding, lower costs, and better results.

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