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4" Paring Damascus Knife - Damascus



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This 4˝ Damascus Paring Knife is made using an unique process. Construction of the blade begins with bundles of nickel alloy stainless steel wire repeatedly folded and hand forged together to create a beautiful Damascus pattern. The blade core is hand forged from high carbon cobalt steel. Construction of the blade is competed by forge welding the the core layer between two layers of the Damascus pattern steel and then tempering to Rockwell c63. A steel ferrule is then forge welded to the tang to ensure that food particles can not become lodged between the tang and the handle. The handle is made of multiple layers of wood impregnated with resin and riveted to the full length tang. The blade is fully honed and polished to a razor edge. Each knife is shipped in a beautiful, black carton. Blade length: 4˝; overall length: 8˝.


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