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Tosagata - 4-1/2" Chopping & Dicing Knife - Tosagata

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Our 4½˝ Chopping & Dicing Knife comes from the Tosa Region on Shikoku Island, where master blacksmiths adhere to the old ways. The master blacksmiths hand hammers a lamination of high carbon "white steel" between two layers of soft wrought iron.It is tempered to Rockwell c63 and will hold an edge far longer than any Western made knife. The handle is made from Ho wood.

The blade of this knife has a curved edge to give a rocking motion during use. In addition, the handle is angled to the edge to keep the hand above the working surface. This is our favorite knife for mincing and dicing small items, such as garlic, parsley, shallots and similar items. The blade length is 4½˝, and the overall length is 9½˝ It comes well sharpened with instructions for maintaining a razor edge.

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