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A Guide for Sharpening & Caring for Japanese Chisels How to break-in and care for your Japanese chisel.

A Guide to Coglow Skew Gouges A Guide to Selecting, Using, Sharpening and Honing Coglow Skew Gouges.

Build A Go Board! Build a Go Board as featured on the cover of the July 2013 Japan Woodworker catalog!

Four Grades of Sharpening Stones Japanese Whetstones are used to grind and hone the edges of steel tools and implements.

How to Care for and Sharpen Double Bevel Kitchen Knives Instructions for Obtaining a Razor Edge on Any Double Beveled Kitchen Knife.

How to Condition Japanese Planes A Guide for Setting Up and Adjusting Japanese Planes for Successful Use

How to Sharpen Japanese Chisels Instructions for Sharpening Japanese Chisels

How to Sharpen Japanese Woodworking & Marking Knives Applies to All Single & Double Bevel Woodworking Tools.

How to Use the Uchiko In traditional sword care, the Uchiko ball is used as part of a regimen of inspection and long-term care of a sword before it is put into storage.

Interview with a Japanese Dai (Plane Body) Maker Mr. Inomoto who has made Dai for 55 years says he is very happy at the moment when a plane shaves wood well as the shavings come out of the plane.

Lie-Nielsen Bench Planes Instructions, Care & Maintenance

The Care and Sharpening of Single Bevel Japanese Kitchen Knives Special Sharpening Techniques for Japanese Kitchen Knives (Hocho)

The Care and Use of Natural Waterstones Sharpening stone material has been mined in Japan for nearly 2,000 years. Learn all about natural water stones.

The Care and Use of Synthetic Waterstones A guide to tool sharpening and stone preparation and maintenance.

Types of Japanese Chisels Japanese Chisels come in a variety of styles, usually based on their intended use.

Types of Japanese Hand Planes There are a wide variety of planes available, from economy models for the true beginner to planes with hand-forged blades made for the experienced woodworker.

Types of Japanese Saws Types of Japanese Saws