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2" Rotary Microplane

Item #828821


Product Information:

Former Product Id: 76.300.41

Our 2" MicroPlane Rotary Shaper is designed to rapidly shape material on your drill press. The patented Microplane manufacturing process creates extremely sharp teeth for fast, smooth, low-effort cutting of wood and other nonmetallic materials. The razor sharp teeth cuts cleanly totally eliminating tearing and gouging. It is made from high impact fiberglass and stainless steel with 1/4" steel shanks. Cutting length is 2-1/8". If the blade ever becomes dull or damaged, it can be easily replaced.

A Follower Kit which allows for repeatability as the woodworker can trace the same pattern using this bearing follower is available. It fits both the MicroPlane 1" and the 2" rotary shapers.

California Residents: Click here for Proposition 65 information.