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Star 10 Aerosol Stripper 14oz

Item #812106
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Product Information:

Star 10 is environmentally friendly and it works. It contains no methylene chloride, caustics or acids, so it’s safe to use on metal, wood and fiberglass, which means you can strip just about anything including planes, cars, boats and Aunt Betsy’s hope chest. Star 10 Aerosol Stripper will remove 99% of all paints and finishes. It’s great for vertical surfaces like doors and cabinets. Wet the surface with the Aerosol Stripper; test every 3-15 minutes by removing a small portion to see if it is down to bare wood; if not, let it sit for another 3-15 minutes and test again. Continue testing in this manner until you reach bare wood. This will tell you how long to let the stripper “cook” to remove the finish on the entire piece. Once down to bare wood, gently remove stripped finish with a scraper and wire brush. Clean up and detail with a synthetic pad or a short bristle brush soaked in Phase 1 Liquid. Contains no methylene chloride, caustics or acids.

  • This product cannot ship to a PO box. Delivery requires street address

  • Safe to use on wood, fiberglass and metal and is environmentally friendly

  • Removes 99% of all finishes

  • Removes stickers, labels, graffiti, synthetic glues, pitch and tar

  • California Residents: Click here for Proposition 65 information.