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5" Extra Soft Sanding Pad for RO125 FEQ Sander

Item #492126

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Product Information:

Former Product Id: 23.492.126

This 5" Extra Soft Sanding Pad for RO125 FEQ Sander is designed for medium/fine sanding and finishing. 9 hole/super soft. 1 per pack. Festool Extra Soft Sanding Pad - 5" diameter, for use with Festool Rotex ® RO 125 Sander.

Only Festool offers you sanding pads of hard wearing MPE. Compared to cold molded foams, MPE (microcellular polyurethane elastomer) has five times the tear resistance - and thus lasts up to five times longer. This means less wear and lower costs. Furthermore, MPE is produced without CFC's which damage the ozone layer. Festool offers a complete solution for faster sanding, lower costs, and better results.
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