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Festool 42" Guide Rail

Item #491504


Product Information:

Former Product Id: 23.491.504

42" Guide Rail
Absolutely straight, safe and precise
Festool FS guide rails are available in several different lengths, providing the right rail for every application.
Simply lay the guide rail on the workpiece and line up the splinterguard flush with the scribe line. Now place your Festool circular saw on the guide rail. The guide rib on the rail engages in the guide slot on the tool. You save laborious measurements and obtain perfectly straight and accurate cuts.

Gentle on surfaces - The soft, non-slip coating prevents damage to the workpiece and hold the guide raid securely in place without clamping or taping. Festool guide rails are also equipped with a splinter guard. A rubber lip pressing onto the workpiece along the scribe line ensures splinter-free edges.

Zero lateral play adjustment - The guide slot can be adjusted precisely to the dimensions of the guide rib. All guide rails will thus fit any Festool saw.
California Residents: Click here for Proposition 65 information.