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Razorsaw Dozuki Saw 180mm No. 297W with Replaceable Blade - Gyokucho

Item #162151


Product Information:

The Razorsaw 180mm Compact Series features a new breed of high performance Japanese saws built to the same quality that made the Razorsaw name famous, but compact enough to fit into any toolbox. This Dozuki Saw’s 25.4 TPI blade can achieve extremely fine surface finishes and features a curved tip to allow cuts in mid-panel. The blade’s stiff back spine allows it to be made much thinner, which makes it possible to limit through-cuts to about 2". Saw blade is plated with a micro-thin nickel coating that enhances the resistance to rusting. Saw comes with a traditional rattan handle. A black contoured rubber handle (#162148) is also available. Replacement blade: #162153.

Blade length is 180mm
Overall length is 400mm
Blade thickness is .3mm
TPI = 1.0mm/25.4
Replacement blade #162153

California Residents: Click here for Proposition 65 information.