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Tsunesaburo 55mm Maboroshi Blue Steel Smoothing Plane – Akio Uozumi

Item #162121

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Product Information:

Japan Woodworker and our sister company, Woodcraft Supply, LLC, welcomed Mr. Akio Uozumi, maker of the Tsunesaburo Brand hand planes, to our national sales conference and vendor trade show in Columbus, Ohio, in May. We had the pleasure of spending two days with Mr. Uozumi reviewing plane styles and watching demonstrations. Mr. Uozumi is a master plane maker who uses the finest quality materials. He brought along some new planes, featured below, that we are adding to our lineup.
We have added Maboroshi planes from 36mm to 70mm. We, of course, believe you should have one for every size project. If you want just one to start, we recommend the 48mm or 55mm.

The Maboroshi (loosely translated to Illusion) Kanna may look like any other plane, but the #1 blue steel blade has a rare modification to its back that significantly reduces the need to lap the back of the plane. This backing is made from Kamaji or reclaimed wrought iron that adds heft to the blade, reducing vibration/chatter and making it easier to sharpen. The blade just needs a periodic sharpening to renew its cutting edge. We offer Maboroshi Planes in seven sizes, from 36mm to 70mm.
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