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75mm Kanna with Chip Breaker in Paulownia Box - Syuji Ohgata

Item #161484


Product Information:

This plane was handcrafted by Master Blacksmith Syuji Ohgata who apprenticed under Master Blacksmith Kengo Usui, a fourth-generation Japanese plane blade blacksmith. Mr. Ohgata opened his own shop in Nagagoka, Niigata province, when he was 23 years old. His 60 years of experience show in every plane he made, many of them prized by craftsmen who restore historical temples.

This is one of the more unique planes made by Blacksmith Syuji Ohgata. The Japanese White Oak dai (body)is riftsawn, and he has added an adjustable Bubinga sliding dovetail key to the underside to eliminate any splitting. The riftsawn White Oak gives more stability to the plane and also gives a unique appearance to the plane’s surface. The blade is made from the finest Swedish Steel hardened to HRC65

Now in his mid-eighties, Mr. Ohgata has been retired for over five years. We have purchased all of the remaining stock of his planes, so there is a finite amount of inventory.

Smoothing Plane is 11-3/8" long and 3-3/8" wide
Dai is made from Japanese White Oak
Blade is made from the finest Swedish steel and hardened to HRC65
Blade set at 40° angle
Adjustable Bubinga sliding dovetail key
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