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75mm Kanna in Paulownia Box - Syuji Ohgata

Item #161483

Out of stock, order now for current pricing. Expected Delivery on April 1,2017


Product Information:

During a recent visit to Japan, we stumbled upon a stock of some of Master Blacksmith Syuji Ohgata’s remaining stock of planes. We could not resist these exquisite examples of the Japanese Smoothing Plane. We have been fortunate in the past to be able to offer some of Master Ohgata’s planes, but this is truly a gem.

The smoothing plane is a simple tool – a sharp blade held in a wooden body. Taking that concept to the highest level requires years of perseverance, which is reflected in Mr. Ohgata’s smoothing planes that leave a perfectly smooth finish on all species of hardwood and sofwoods, as well as all grain patterns.

This plane’s blade is made with Hitachi Super Blue Steel, the best steel in Japan, to give it the sharpest edge so it makes cuts like a sword.

Now in his mid-eighties, Mr. Ohgata has been retired for over five years. We have purchased all of the remaining stock of his planes, so there is a finite amount of inventory.

Smoothing Plane is 11-3/8" long and 3-5/8" wide
Dai is made from Japanese White Oak
Blade is hardened to HRC65
Blade is made from Hitachi Super Blue Steel the best steel in Japan
Blade set at a 40° angle
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