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Tormek T-8 Water Cooled Sharpening System

Item #161407


Product Information:

Some believe the T-7 is the best motorized sharpener out there – but we know the people at Tormek. They don’t sit around collecting awards and congratulating themselves on a job well done. Instead, they continually search for ways to make the best better, and we offer the T-8 as evidence. The T-8 has a new Water Trough with a screw lift for easier fit that reduces water sloshing during removal and a magnetic scraper for efficient cleanup. They included the improved Square Edge Jig (SE-77), which has a movable side to permit fine setting adjustments that ensure 90° corners and the ability to create a chambered shape on plane irons. But the real kicker is the new body. Instead of a two-part sheet metal/internal support body with mounted sleeves for the universal support, the T-8 has a precision one-piece fully cast body, with the sleeves cast into the body. This design provides unparalleled stability that improves both control and accuracy to make the T-8 the premier sharpening machine and a worthy successor to carry on Tormek inventor Torgny Jansson’s vision. Since Jansson founded Tormek (short for Torgny’s Mekaniska) in 1973, the Swedish company has continued to produce, refine and improve on the best solutions for sharpening edge tools.
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