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Family Crests of Japan

Item #160293


Product Information:

Bold, iconic designs have been used to symbolize family names in Japan from the time of the court nobles in the twelfth century. The sense of “family” has changed in modern Japan, but the crests’ high-contrast motifs and simple geometries are right at home in our logo-emblazoned age, even as the designs express old cultural interests and ideals: cherry blossoms, well buckets, floating clouds. This book contains over 850 family crests (kamon) with descriptions, cultural backgrounds, and a selection of photographs showing how crests are used on banners, signs, and buildings. Of special interest to graphic designers, quilt-makers, and illustrators.

“Family Crests Of Japan is a unique, superbly presented, and enthusiastically recommended addition to academic library Japanese Culture & History reference collections, and the supplemental reading lists of professional designers and non-specialist general readers with an interest in Japanese culture, art, and history.”—Midwest Book Review

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