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Tsunesaburo Trueing Scraper for Japanese Plane - Akio Uozumi

Item #159537


Product Information:

During a recent trip to Japan we visited with Akio Uozumi, a third-generation plane blade maker in the Tsunesaburo family – the best known and most respected plane makers in Japan. The family built a reputation on providing what customers want and need versus following the most traditional course. This dedication to the customer has resulted in their planes being embraced by a new generation of woodworkers in both Japan and the United States.

The family name is a combination of the word Tsune, meaning “always,” and Saburo, the name of the original maker, Akio’s grandfather, Mr. Saburo Uozumi.

During our visit, Mr. Akio Uozumi identified some of his most popular planes and a couple of brand-new planes, all planes we thought you would like.

Smoothing planes require a relief of the sole in front of the blade. In order to do that, you need a Plane Body Scraper capable of scraping very hard White Oak. Tsunesaburo has developed a very efficient and economic scraper just for this purpose. The blade is 1-3/8" wide and 2-3/8" tall with a rubber grip for comfortable use.
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