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Artisan Professional Chef's Knife Set 4-piece

Item #159212

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Product Information:

We have been asked to recommend a set of kitchen knives for a chef or as a great gift. Artisan brand knives are our choice because professional cooks around Japan have chosen them their own kitchens.

The blades on these knives are similar to a Western chef’s knife, but with the cutting qualities of the best Japanese made knives. The maker adopted powdered steel technology so that the blade would have a high hardness (Rc64) and would resist rust. Each blade has a forged triple-layered structure. The center layer is SRS-15 powdered steel, originally designed for metal cutting tools, while the cladding layers are soft SUS-405 stainless steel. This gives the blade an exceedingly tough, long lasting and chip resistant edge that is easy to resharpen. A forge-welded bolster seals the blade from the handle, and for strength and longevity, the triple riveted tang runs the full length of the handle. This well-shaped, comfortable handle is made from multiple wood layers infused with resin for a lifetime of use. Both handle and tang are tapered for better balance and reduced fatigue during long use.

Set includes:

8-1/2" Chef (Gyuto) Knife (#156514 Also sold separately)

7" Artisan Santoku Knife (#156557 Also sold separately)

6" Slicing Knife (#156310 Also sold separately)

4-1/2" Paring Knife (#156225 Also sold separately)
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