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System Three Goof Proof Quick Cure 5 Epoxy 1.6oz Cartridge #1000K90

Item #159190
$11.69 - 5 or more


Product Information:

System Three® Quick Cure 5-Minute Epoxy is a two-part , fast cure epoxy perfect for making lasting strong bonds in furniture repair, crafts and pen turning where durability and strength are important. It forms a durable permanent bond to most clean surfaces and cures in only 5 minutes, with full bonding strength achieved overnight. The cartridge format and companion Goof Proof Epoxy Gun bring ease of mixing and dispensing together in one system. Load a cartridge into the Goof Proof Gun, attach a mixing tip, squeeze the trigger to advance the plunger, and out comes premixed epoxy, which you can use to fill voids, gaps, cracks and holes with ease or to put just the right amount where you need it for repairs. Reuse a partially empty cartridge by removing the tip and replacing the cap to preserve the remaining glue for another day, or simply toss an empty cartridge. Replace with a new cartridge and tip and keep gluing. Two mixing tips included. More tips available separately.
California Residents: Click here for Proposition 65 information.