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Yoshikane 210mm Chef's Knife - Tsuneo Yoshida

Item #157592


Product Information:

Our 8" Yoshikane Chef Knife is a hand forged, triple layered structure. The center layer is rust resistant SKD die steel originally designed for cutting metal. The cladding layers are soft SUS-405 stainless steel. This gives the knife an exceedingly tough, long lasting edge and yet is easy to resharpen. The maker Mr. Tsuneo Yoshida is proud of the hand hammered surface which creates a well balanced knife of lasting beauty. The traditional chestnut handle is charred to expose the grain and produce a beautiful surface texture. In addition, this texture gives a better grip in wet conditions. The dual-bevel knife is sent with a fully polished razor sharp edge.

Handle length - 210mm
Handle width - 22mm
Handle to tip length - 350mm
Chin to tip length - 210mm
Blade height at chin - 47mm
Width of spine at handle - 3.95mm
Width of spine above chin - 3.08mm
Width of spine at middle- 2.23mm
Width of spine 1cm from the tip - 0.89mm
Weight - 170 g

All Yoshikane brand knives are handmade and made one by one, so they can vary in size and thickness. Unevenness in finish can occur.
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