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Mujingfang Rosewood 6-1/2" Polishing Plane

Item #157459


Product Information:

Former Product Id: 98.107.1155

Furniture makers in Australia and Southeast Asia prefer this style of plane for planing hardwoods. The handles and thick contoured body help make a well balanced plane capable of delivering the power of the upper arms, shoulders and back. The blade is bedded at a 63ø angle which is ideally suited for hard and highly figured woods, producing incredibly smooth surfaces. The blade can be reversed in the body to make a scraper plane able to handle particularly nasty grain. The blade is made from A2 high speed steel tempered to Rockewell 62 - 63. The bodies are made from rosewood with a brass wear plate dovetailed into the sole at the throat opening. While the blades come will sharpened, for best work they should be fully honed at a 30ø- 35ø angle. This plane is 6«" long by 2" wide with a 1«" wide blade.
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