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Water Cooled Grinder - Borg

Item #157410
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Product Information:

Former Product Id: 99.180.0

Our Water Cooled Sharpening Machine allows you to grind your edge tools without the risk of ruining its temper The machine comes with a 7˝ diameter #1000 grit water stone wheel. The width of the cutting torus of the stone is 2. Included with the machine are containers for fresh water and for waste water and an 8˝ x 1¼˝ adjustable platen. The 1/6 horse power 115 volt motor drives the sharpening stone at 420 rpm. The case is plastic with steel internal structure support. The #1000 grit stone will rapidly produce a bevel grind that is ready to be stropped or polished on a finish stone. Or the optional #400 grit stone can be used to remove serious defects in the edge of your blade.
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