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Fine (2604) Sanding Sponge 3M

Item #157213
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Product Information:

Former Product Id: 87.310.2604

3M Softback Sanding Sponges are an innovation in coated abrasives for finishing and refinishing. Wood turners are enthusiastic supporters of this great product. Sanding Sponges were developed to provide a flexible, conformable pad used for sanding primer and sanding between finish coats. Their flexibility and handling characteristics allow easier access to contoured and inaccessible areas. The pads provide a uniform finish, reducing finger marks, and can be used wet or dry. They are easy to clean with water and are long lasting. 3M Soffback Sanding Sponges are available in five grades:
• Medium (120-180 grit) for coarse sanding and shaping
• Fine (320-400 grit) for primer sanding,
• Super Fine (500-600 grit) for final sanding of primer,
• Ultra Fine (800-1000 grit) for sanding blend-areas and
• Micro Fine (1200-1500 grit) for topcoat sanding.
• Size is 4½" x 5½".
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