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240mm Professional Grade Dozuki Saw - Kondo

Item #156888


Product Information:

Former Product Id: 01.117.02

Dozuki are the finest cutting of any saw, either Western or Japanese. The blades are very thin and have a rigid spline of metal attached to the top edge. Dozuki Saws are used for the finest miter, cross, tenon and dovetail cuts. They will leave a glass smooth finish on all hardwoods. Yoshiwakamaru (Professional Grade)The master blacksmith Kondo forges our Professional Grade Dozuki Saw from the best quality white steel carefully milled by hand to 0.008˝ thickness with a 0.018˝ kerf. Each blade is individually hand finished and hardened to Rockwell c54-56. He pays particular attention to ensure that each saw is correctly straightened and tensioned. After the teeth are cut at 27 teeth/inch, they hand set and given a special finish sharpening by hand called hon metate. This process produces a saw with razor sharp teeth and gives the best possible cut. The handle is wrapped with rattan. Blade length is 9½˝; overall length is 24˝.
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