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3/8" Straight Chisel - Michi

Item #156757
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Product Information:

Former Product Id: 15.170.090

Michi Professional Woodcarver's Tools are used for carving block prints and for delicate finish work where a razor sharp edge is essential. These tools are hand forged by a master blacksmith from the best quality laminated steels, carefully tempered to Rockwell c64ø. The handles are Hinoki (Japanese Cypress), noted for its long lived qualities. The blade extends approximately 1«" into the handle, and if after years of use it becomes too short, it can be extended by whittling away a portion of the handle. All Michi Professional Woodcarvers' tools are shipped razor sharp & ready to use. The exposed blade length is 1-1/8˝ and the overall blade length is 2-5/8˝. Straight Chisels are used for a variety of trimming & paring work. The side edges are beveled & the cutting edge is straight ground. Like Japanese woodworking chisels, they are hollowed on the back to facilitate obtaining a razor edge.
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