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Bester Ceramic Waterstone 2000 grit - Imanishi

Item #156655


Product Information:

Former Product Id: 02.097.20

We call this stone a "sharpening and honing stone" because it does, despite a relatively fine grain; still remove material. But at the same time it hones out the grooves or scratches left by the coarser grits. For many uses this stone is fine for the final honing.

The BESTER waterstones, manufactured by Imanishi in Kyoto, Japan, feature a sharpening feel remarkably like that of natural stone. These Ceramic Waterstones use green carbide abrasives in a ceramic matrix. Unlike domestic ceramic stones, which become glazed and ineffective, Ceramic Stones from BESTER are porous and absorb water for proper lubrication and never lose their fast cutting effect. They are medium-hard stones, do not need very much water and cut metal quickly. In sharpening you hear and feel the effect of stone on the blade, but even so, when taking a look, you will be surprised by how quickly the stones cut. These stones have become the standard with Japanese professional craftsmen due to their wide cutting surface, rapid cutting action and reduced wear.

The stones, being relatively hard, do not wear very quickly. One should allow them to soak for at least five minutes before use. The coarser stones, to cut as quickly and easily as they are capable, will often need another short dip in the water after a few minutes of use. These stones work well on stainless as well as high carbon and tool steels. Their size is nominal 8½? x 3? x 1?.
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