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7" Hon Yaki Vegetable (Usuba) Knife - Takagi

Item #156522


Product Information:

Former Product Id: 04.001.80

Our Takagi Honyaki 7˝ Usuba (vegetable) Knife is hand forged from #1 grade blue steel. Hon Yaki knives are not laminated but are made from a single piece of steel. Considerable skill is required to forge and then temper these knives. The tempering process is like that of a sword. The untempered blade is coated with varying thickness of a special clay mixture. Like a Samurai sword, the blade is heated in the charcoal forge until red hot, then thrust into water to quench. As you can imagine, all of these process are done by eye and feel and require years of experience to master. Blade length is 7˝ and overall length is 12¾˝. Each Takagi knife is sent razor sharp in an attractive carton.
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