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3/8" Scabbard Chisel (Saya Nomi) - Kawasei

Item #156271


Product Information:

Former Product Id: 05.440.09

3/8" Scabbard Chisel or Saya Nomi are used for cutting the slot in the making of wooden scabbards for knives and swords. The blades are long and thin and are slightly flexible to allow precise control of the cut. They have a slight curve across the width of the blade and are sharpened with a bullnose edge. The shank is bent at 12ø to the handle so that your knuckles will clear your work. These chisels are hand forged from the best quality white steel laminated to wrought iron by master of blacksmiths Kawasei located in the small mountain town of Yoiita. They are tempered at Rockwell c65ø and are well sharpened. The handles are top quality Japanese red oak (Akagashi). This chisel, because of its long, thin, curved iron, and lack of a steel bezel at the end of the handle, is designed to be used under hand pressure only, or only very light blows with a small wooden mallet. Hand use or light touch with a mallet. The blade length is 4- 3/4" and overall length is 15".
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