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3/4" Damascus Woodworking Knife w/ Pagoda Wood Scabbard - Shozon

Item #156161


Product Information:

Former Product Id: 11.047

This knife is used for a wide variety of woodworking jobs. It is hand forged from best quality "blue steel". A unique feature of this knife is the special layered Jigane (the soft metal forming the body of the blade.) The Jigane is made by folding and forge welding together separate layers (over 30 per blade) of metal. This process forms a unique Damascus pattern on each blade. Hand tempering to Rockwell 63-64 ensures a razor sharp, long lived edge. The scabbard is hand worked from Japanese Pagoda Wood, and no two knives are exactly the same. The overall length is 8˝, length of blade is 3¼˝, and blade width is ¾˝. Instructions for care and sharpening are included.
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