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Power Filing & Sanding Tool w/Variable Speed - AutoMach

Item #155911
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Product Information:

Former Product Id: 18.203.50

The Automach Hand Power Filing and Sanding Tool with Variable Speed provides high speed filing of metal, new material, wood removal of large burrs, for front board. It is also great for filing or polishing of various materials by diamond, steel and paper files. (High torque even at ultra-low speed.)


  • 5 times higher performance, with 1/2 the force required for manual work, due to high torque reciprocating motion of 12,000 vib./min. reciprocation stroke with stroke of 3.2mm.
  • Compact size with light weight of 770g and diameter of approx. 4mm allows single-hand grip and easy operation.
  • File with shaft diameter 3 to 6mm and polishing holder can be attached.
  • Rubber polishing pat allows one-touch (magic type) replacement of sandpaper for effective and through finish-polishing.
  • For type AC-32, its gearless drive control allows from ultra-low speed (approx. to zero) to high speed with high torque. The top-quality electric file machine for polishing and finishing any materials.
  • Specifications:

    Reciprocation Strokes:  0 to 12,000 vib./min. (*) 
    Diameter of Attachment Hole:  6.1mm
    Stroke:  3.2mm
    Weight:  770g
    Power:  AC100V, 50/60Hz 
    Dimension:  260 x 44 x max H63mm
    Power Consumption:  100W 
    Rated Hour:  Continuous

    California Residents: Click here for Proposition 65 information.

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