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270mm Single Edge Professional Grade Cross-cut (Yokobiki) Saw - Nagaoke

Item #155861


Product Information:

Former Product Id: 15.113.70

Yokobiki Noko Giri have a single set of teeth and are taper ground to prevent binding in deep cuts. These saws are useful for those cuts which require the blade to be laid flat on the work. The 7½˝ to 9½˝ sizes are best suited for furniture and fine work.The large sizes are used for carpentry and large work. This Professional Grade Yokobiki Saw has a 10¼˝ Blade length with a 26˝ overall length and 11 tpi. The master blacksmith forges these Noko Giri from the best quality "white steel" carefully milled by hand. Each blade is individually heat treated and hardened to 54 on the Rockwell C scale. They are then straightened and tensioned by hand. After the teeth are cut, they are given a special finish sharpening hon metate.
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