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65mm Tamahagane Smoothing Plane - Tsunesaburo

Item #155846


Product Information:

Former Product Id: 09.301.65

Our Tamahagane Smoothing Plane is hand forged by Akio Uozumi the 2nd using genuine sword steel Tamahagnemade over 50 year's ago in a Tatara furnace. Mr. Uozumi was able to obtain a small quantity of this material from the estate of a sword maker. The Tamahagae is forge-welded onto a piece of soft wrought iron called Rentustu,/i>obtained from old Japanese bridges and temples. Mr. Uozumi then heat treats and quenches the blade to RC 66 hardness. Finally it is sharpened to a razor edge and bedded at 40° in a Japanese special OimasameWhite Oak Body. While the maker specifies this plane should be used for soft woods, properly conditioned, it will also give outstanding results on Walnut and Cherry. Body width is 3¼˝ and body length is 11½˝. Blade width is 2-5/8˝ (65mm). The plane is sent in a hand-made Kiri wood "treasure box" signed by the maker.
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