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Razorsaw Dozuki Saw 240mm No. 370 with Replaceable Blade - Gyokucho

Item #155669


Product Information:

Former Product Id: 19.210.0

Dovetail/Tenon Saws (Dozuki Noko Giri) are the finest cutting of any saw, either Western or Japanese. The blades are very thin and have a rigid spline of metal attached to the top edge to help keep the saw from straight during use. Dozuki Saws are used for the finest miter, cross, tenon and dovetail cuts. They will leave a glass smooth finish on all hardwoods. Our Gyokucho Dozuki Saws are among the finest cutting replaceable-blade saws made. The blade thickness is 0.012"? and is set for a 0.016? kerf. The teeth are cut at 26 teeth/inch and are impulse hardened for extended wear. The blade is hard coated to reduce corrosion and increase durability and the handle is covered with rattan for a firm grip. Saw #19.210.0 is suitable for cabinet and furniture work. Blade length is 9«? and overall length is 23-1/2? Two options for replacement blades, #155676 and 155606.
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