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7-1/2" Gyokucho #811 Folding Contractor's Saw

Item #155642


Product Information:

Former Product Id: 19.811.0

Gyokucho 7½# #811 Folding Contractor's Saw is designed for professional craftsmen on the go who demand the most from their tools. The chrome plated blade locks firmly into the open position for use and then tidily folds to fit neatly in your pocket or tool box. The razor sharp teeth are impulse hardened ensuring a clean, crisp cut with extended durability. Every seventh tooth is a rip tooth so it can be used for all kinds of cuts. It has a variable tooth pattern ranging from 8 teeth per inch at the handle to 10 teeth per inch at the end of the blade. You use the finer teeth for a smooth start and progress to the coarser teeth for rapid cutting. This is a particular advantage for cutting rough material. The sturdy cast aluminum handle is covered with a flexible elastomer plastic with excellent durability and ventilation to reduce user fatigue. The #811 Folding Contractor's Saw is specifically designed for green wood, general lumber and pruning.  Blade thickness is 0.028". Blade length is 7½". Overall open length is 16½". And folded length is 9".

Replacement blade is available #155624. Blades 155623 and 155616 will also fit.
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