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Precision Fixed Angle Diamond Sharpening System

Item #154935
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Product Information:

Former Product Id: 67.803

The DMT M.POWER Precision Sharpening System retouches chisels and plane irons in seconds to a razor finish.The PSS is unique as it  holds the blade stationary and its angle constant while a DMT diamond stone is guided across the cutting edge of your blade , Making the bevel flat and the edge true, lasting, and requiring only minimal maintenance. DMT have developed unique range of diamond stones Preparation and Finishing stones come as standard . The instructions we've provided will have you putting a razor edge on your chisels and plane irons within a few minutes of opening the package, and using the DMT-M.POWER PSS1 is quick - simple and easy to use! If the tool is dull or lost it's edge, insert the coarsest stone into the sliding carriage, place the tool to be sharpened in the bed and steadied against the fence, then glide the carriage back and forth until the cutting edge has a bright line across the total width of the blade edge. Move up to the next grit and repeat, again, then pass the back of the tool across the Diamond Plate once or twice to remove the burr - strop it and you're ready to work! The process really is that simple!
Don't endure dull chisels and planes any longer. Order the DMT- M.POWER Precision Sharpening System today and start enjoying those hand tools you've been avoiding for way too long. DMT PSS Accessory stones are also available in Extra Course, Fine Finishing and Super Fine Finishing.
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