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Woodpeckers Straight Edge Rule 24inch

Item #154073


Product Information:

Former Product Id: 26.510

A great addition to the SERX line, the 24 inch version allows you to check the flatness of larger tools This new precision tool is specifically sized for inspecting larger tools for flatness. Its aluminum structure is precise but still softer than the castings itself which will prevent scratching of the fine casting and can ensure that there is no nicking of the blade. Tolerance is better than .001. Not compatible with HookStop

  • Both edges are precision milled for true parallel and reliable straightness
  • Perfect tool for aligning table saw extension wings
  • Bottom edge is formed with a center groove for added stability
  • Features a white band along its face to increase contrast with the surface being checked
  • Set comes in a fitted MDF wall mountable case

  • Woodpeckers new SERX series of Straight Edge Rules combine two of the more important measuring and layout tools in your wood shop; a reliable straight edge and an accurate rule. The inch scale of the Woodpecker SERX is the most accurate woodworking rule on the market. Every inch and fractional marking is machine engraved to a positioning tolerance of .0002”, that's two tenths of a thousandth of an inch. Overkill perhaps, but your measuring tools should always be better than the accuracy you're trying to achieve. Unlike a common tape measure, you won't ever question the accuracy of this ruler. As for the straight edge feature of this tool, both edges are precision milled for true parallel and reliable straightness. This is the perfect tool for aligning table saw extension wings, in feed and out feed jointer beds, planer rolls and more. It's also ideal for double checking the flatness and alignment of cabinet tops, raised panel doors, table tops, benches etc.

    The bottom edge is formed with a center groove for added stability. When placed on a horizontal surface, the sides of the groove acts like legs to prevent rocking and facilitate no-hands inspection. Like with any precision tool, care should be taken in handling and storage of the Woodpecker SERX Straight Edge Rule. Each tool comes in a fitted wooden wall case for safe and convenient storage. Nominal width, 2-1/2”. Available in 24” or 48” lengths. Anodized aluminum. Guaranteed straight along 48” length, as inspected on a certified granite surface plate, to +/-.005”. Cumulative Inch scale accuracy guaranteed from end to end of 48” length +/- .010” or +/-.0002” per inch. For woodworking, these are really small numbers, but we felt it was important to give you some hard data. Bear in mind that a piece of paper is about .003” thick.
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