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Bowl Steady

Item #143740

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Product Information:

Former Product Id: 36.100.3248

The OneWay Bowl Steady Rest is designed to reduce vibration at the rim of a bowl or platter, thus making turning safer and easier. Even the best lathes cannot stop vibration inherent in the wood, caused by wood flexing. The Bowl Steady's neoprene, ball-bearing wheels reduce vibration, allowing smoother finished projects. Adjustment is easy, just align with the lathe's center, squeeze the scissors-like tension arms and tighten down on the wing-nut.
  • The Bowl Steady also increases safety.
  • Fingers can be removed from the bowl or platter being turned, reducing the chance of that hand being cut should there be a particularly hard catch.
  • Each model has a clamp block specific to that manufacturer's lathes.
  • California Residents: Click here for Proposition 65 information.

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