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Canarywood 3/4" x 6" x 36"

Item #131549


Product Information:

(Centroloblum orinocense) Color can vary from a pale yellow-orange to a darker reddish brown, usually with darker streaks throughout. The color tends to darken with age. A medium texture hardwood, the grain is typically straight, but can be irregular or wild on some pieces. Easy to work with both hand and machine tools, though some tearout can occur during planing on pieces with wild or irregular grain. Turns, glues and finishes well. Canarywood is said to have good acoustic properties, and is sometimes used for speaker enclosures and entertainment system cabinets. Some other common uses for Canarywood include: construction lumber, railroad crossties, flooring, veneers, boat-building, furniture, cabinetry, and turned items.

  • Yellow base with orange hues and occasional red bands, creating a striking rainbow effect
  • Texture and luster varies. as does the grain, straight to irregular
  • Easy to work with hand and power tools
  • Sands, glues and takes finish well
  • Pre-bore for fasteners
  • California Residents: Click here for Proposition 65 information.