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Wood Boxed 14 pc. Set

Item #128299


Product Information:

Former Product Id: 30.100.5

If you own a reciprocating power carver and are frustrated with the lack of available cutting blade profiles - read on! Flexcut has developed a new line of quality blades for reciprocating power carvers in the sizes and profiles you need most. The same low resistance cutting edge that Flexcut is known for now allows your Ryobi, Proxxon, or Automach carver to work less and carve more. Detail Gouge Set contains a 3/8" No. 3, 5/16" No. 5, and 1/8" No. 11 gouge, and a 1/4" 70° V-parting tool. Roughing Gouge Set contains a 5/8" No. 3, 9/16" No. 5, 3/8" No. 8 gouge, and a 3/8" 70° V-parting tool. Deluxe Gouge Set contains tools listed above plus 11/16" 90 v-parting, 1/2" No. 8 gouge, 3/4" No 3 gouge, 5/8" No 5 gouge, 1" No 3 gouge, and 7/8" No 5 gouge.
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