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Kamisori Blue Paper Steel Straight Razor (Red String) - Shigeki Tanaka with Strop and Rouge Set

Item #100154

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Product Information:

Set includes Straight Razor, Strop and Rouge

Kamisori Straight Razor is made by fourth generation blacksmith Shigeki Tanaka. For more than 100 years, the Tanaka family has been noted for its fine quality farming tools; however, because of declining demand for farm tools, the family began making cutlery. To enhance their technique, the Tanakas apprenticed their youngest son, Shigeki, to a famous Takefu knife maker. Since returning to his father’s shop, Shigeki has become noted for the quality of his knives and razors. Each razor is hand-forged from a lamination of high-carbon blue steel and a Damascus material consisting of stainless and nickel steel in 14 alternating layers. After tempering to HRC64 the Kamisori Straight Razor is polished to a razor edge.

  • Blade is 2" (50mm) long

  • Overall Length is 6"

  • Red String Wrap on Tang (Razor with Black String Wrap on Tang also available)

  • Strop is exclusively designed and developed for Woodcraft by renowned carver Rick Butz to allow quick and easy honing of all carving tools. The large 9-1/2" x 3" flat surface provides ample area for the lapping “barber’s” strokes required by straight bladed tools. A specially designed, 1/4"-radius edge makes inside surface honing of curved bladed tools, such as gouges and fish tails, a breeze. The angled, 45° edge quickly produces a razor-sharp edge on any V-shaped tools. Split leather hide completely wraps the hard maple form, allowing charging of both sides with honing compounds of different grits. Lacquered contoured handle is comfortable while ensuring maximum control 4-3/4" length. Angled and curved.

    Rouge is #K-1 KoYo-Sha Green Rouge Compound that is used by the major Japanese tool makers to give a final polish to their tools. It is manufactured from carefully graded 0.5 to 1.5 micron Green Carbide abrasive in a wax base. Our Koyo-Sha Green Rouge will give a finer polished edge than any other buffing compound and will put a razor-like edge on your tools. The 19 oz. block will last for years.
    California Residents: Click here for Proposition 65 information.