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Katsuobushi Kezuriki with Blue Steel Blades

Item #159450


Product Information:

Katsuobushi kezuriki is a traditional Japanese kitchen utensil, similar to a wood plane or mandolin, which is used to shave katsuobushi – dried blocks of skipjack tuna (katsuo) – and many other ingredients. This katsuobushi grater is the perfect tool to make fresh and delicious bonito flakes from a whole katsuobushi block. The sound of the katsuobushi being shaved by the blade has delighted the Japanese for many generations.

The grater box is made of Paulownia wood, except for the wooden part with the carbon steel blade that is solid Evergreen Oak. It is easy to clean since every part can be separated. Although a very practical tool, this katsuobushi grater is also a beautiful kitchen accessory.

To prepare the cooking ingredient, pull and push a block of katsuobushi across the grater’s blade in a back-and-forth movement. The resulting shavings are captured in the bottom of the instrument and retrieved by opening and emptying the shavings that are roughly sorted into two sizes for different uses.

These shavings are a staple of Japanese cuisine. Larger, thicker shavings, called kezurikatsuo are boiled with kombu to make dashi stock. Smaller, thinner shavings, called hanakatsuo, are used as a flavoring and as a topping for many Japanese dishes, such as okonomiyaki.
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