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#S-310 E-Z Bond 1oz Thick Gap Filling Instant Glue

Item #157102
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Product Information:

Former Product Id: 25.521

E-Z Bond Cyanoacrylate Adhesives also known as "crazy glue" have fast setting, high flowability and good penetration characteristics. They are a clear one-component, solvent-free system that does not require a catalyst, heat or clamps. When two surfaces, applied with a thin layer, come into contact, atmospheric moisture produces a rapid polymerization with outstanding bonding. Since E-Z Bond will wick into a joint, loose joints can be repaired without disassembly. At the Japan Woodworker, these glues are indispensable for repairing wooden planes, chisel handles and other used and antique tools. To fill gaps, simply pack with sawdust and apply several drops of E-Z Bond. In seconds, the repair is dry and ready to be finished. Bowl turners love this product, and since we sell so much, our stock is always fresh. Instructions provided. The Thick glue is a high viscosity adhesive, allowing the most assembly time. It is excellent on very porous surfaces or where complete alignments and assembly is required.
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