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Wood Flour 1 quart

Item #124529


Product Information:

Former Product Id: 93.311.016

Wood Flour
A fine sawdust that has been filtered so that there are no lumps, is excellent for creating wood glue and structural fillers and fillets. It is a fibrous filler that is also thixotropic. To make a smoother fillet, some users add a small amount of silica thickener. System Three wood flour, a very fine, filtered, wood by-product is an excellent all around filler for creating glues and structural fillers. Wood flour forms a coarser "epoxy" than silica thickener. Phenolic micro balloons are hollow, purple-brown phenolic spheres that are great low cost, low density filler (ideal for areas requiring sanding). Wood Flour and/or silica thickener may be blended with Phenolic micro balloons to prevent sagging.
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